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Greene Solutions was on time, showed me what they were going to do. Let me see everything when they did it. Did an excellent job. Gave me great energy tips and saved me $400.00.
Greene Solutions came to my home to help me determine how I could solve two problems: 1) solve an extreme temperature differential from our basement (cold) to our upstairs (warm), and 2) solve condensation problems on our basement ductwork that had caused water damage on our new basement ceiling dry
Thomas Greene performed an AEP sponsored energy audit of my total house. He arrived on time, discussed what I should expect during the audit and discussed each test in each area that he performed. As the audit proceeded he made recommendation for conserving energy.
Greene Solutions blew in insulation into my attic for this job. They previously did an energy assessment. The insulation was to help with heating/cooling on our cape cod. The energy assessment told us what we could do to save money on heating/cooling.
Thomas Greene is very professional, very polite and does an excellent job of communicating and explaining. His company's services were excellent. He did exactly what he said he would do at a great price. He also helped us save money with help getting all the rebates that were available.
This is a combined review of a $75 Big Deal inspection and thermal scan and $1350 worth of work completed as a result of that inspection. The scan was carried out by Rick Greene.
Thomas Greene came to do our audit. He was very helpful and provided useful energy saving ideas. This service was paid for but we will be reimbursed our money with the AEP rebate. He does good work.
The first visit was the energy audit (purchased as a "Big Deal"). Thomas came out and spent >1 hour walking through the house with the thermal camera showing me where there were leaks etc. Very friendly and knowledgeable.
First I used my Angie's List Coupon for the Energy Audit. I knew I had insulation issues. Thomas Greene showed up when he said he would. He was very professional and had me follow him around as he scanned my home for energy leaks.
Greene Solutions performed an energy audit. We talked about a few things. I was happy with it. It confirmed that I didn't need to get my walls fixed.
Got a full energy inspection in the house. Walked through entire house, noted areas that could be improved with insulation, etc.The company rep was professional courteous, and upfront.
My partner and I bought our house about a year ago. Like many first time home buyers we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Our realtor did a great job of holding our hand and making sure we got all of the basics done. One thing that he never suggested was an energy audit.
The Greene Solutions crew (of 3) spent the majority of the day in my home. They brought in their equipment and supplies and performed the job as specified in our contract. I had already cleared items away from the basement walls for ease of access. The crew was courteous, informative and thorough.
Thomas Greene came to my house from advise from his father, Rick, after Rick stopped by to check services we had received last year. I still wanted the crawl space taken care of.
Surveyed energy efficiency of our condominium. The overall result of this survey was exactly what we had expected. We were extremely glad we participated.


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