September 20, 2016

Have you ever heard the phrase “You get what you pay for”? It is never more true than when purchasing a Radon system under the pressure of having it installed before the sale of your home. Sellers want the lowest price and want it installed tomorrow. The result is thrown together radon systems that would never pass inspection, is put together with subpar materials, will not last, and will not protect your family from the dangers of Radon. All most people know is that their realtor suggested that the seller have it installed before you purchase the home. The Radon system is located in the crawl space or basement where you never venture and the average person does not know what to look for. The rules are very specific on what materials to use and how to construct the system. They cover how to do electrical hookup, what size and thickness of pipe to use, the thickness of vapor barrier to use, and how to attach the vapor barrier to the crawl space walls. There are different sizes of fans to use, different price points, and quality of fan to install. Why is this important? Because this equipment is supposed to protect your family from cancer for the next 20 years and the lowest price will just not do it!