Crawl Space Repair & Insulation

Is the room above your crawl space uncomfortable? Do you have moisture, mold or wood rot problems? Are you wasting precious money on your energy bills due to a crawl space that is in poor condition or uninsulated?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, let Greene Solutions help you with your crawl space repair. Greene Solutions can repair, seal and insulate your crawl space. The first sign you may have problems with your crawl space is the room, or rooms, above the crawl space are uncomfortable. In the winter, a cold, poorly insulated crawl space will result in cold floors and cold rooms above the crawl space. Of course, moisture and mold problems can cause a health concern.

Whether you need your crawl space repaired or you have moisture or insulation problems,  Greene Solutions can help. Call us today and we can inspect your crawl space and provide a FREE recommendation on the most efficient solution to solve your problem, provide a more comfortable environment in your home and save you money on your energy bills.

Vapor Barrier : Protect your crawl space from moisture


Vapor Barrier is not a piece of painter’s plastic sold by the big box stores, a vapor barrier is 12 mil thick piece of material that is reinforced with a cord woven between layers and is treated with an antibacterial solution. This is a very durable piece of material. The vapor barrier is then sealed and anchored to the wall with furring strips.

A vapor barrier slows or prevents the evaporation of ground moisture into the crawl space air. If coupled with a waterproofing system, moisture and water can be expelled from the crawl space before it can cause problems. No more rot, rust, mold, odors, insects or other moisture-related problems.

A vapor barrier, by its nature, resists the passage of air. By stopping air movement from the ground, it can also turn your crawlspace into a semi-conditioned space – one that is close to the temperature of the living spaces above. When that occurs, your floors feel warmer in winter and your energy bills go down.

A vapor/air barrier can also slow or block most of the movement of harmful gases, such as radon, from the soil. Coupled with a radon mitigation system (in the event that radon is present in higher than acceptable levels), a vapor barrier can significantly reduce radon levels in the home.

Thermal Inspection : Find the source of energy loss in your crawl space

By using the same thermal imaging technology we use for home energy audits, we can inspect your crawl space and find hidden problems like missing insulation and/or the lack of insullation. We can then explain to you the best option to correct your specific crawl space problems.

Air Sealing : Crawl Space Insulation

If you experience cold floors in the winter, uneven temperatures between rooms and/or high heating and cooling bills, your crawl space may need to be insulated. We can help you pinpoint the exact problem and if you need insulation, our air sealing product is a fast and efficient way to insulate your crawl space. A properly insulated crawl space can make your whole house more comfortable and save you money on your utility bills.



Crawl Space Repair : Complete Crawl Space Repair and Makeover

Whether your crawl space needs some simple repairs or a complete overhaul, we can help you determine the most cost effective and energy efficient solutions to implement.