Thomas came out to my house and didn't try to sell me, he demonstrated in irrefutable fashion just how "leaky" my house was. My house is 45 years old and had barely been insulated in the attic and basement. Our heat pump ran continuously and had it's electric burners on most of the time. His team (another Thomas, among others) came out, and not only worked professionally, but they even found and fixed additional items. One major example is that all of our house's cold air returns were wide open in the attic. They covered them and insulated over them for me. Additionally, they found holes in some of the duct-work in the basement and went ahead and sealed them without being asked. They were courteous, quiet, and cleaned up well. Since then, we've noticed our heat pump hasn't run nearly as long or as often, and our temperature stays more consistent. In fact, I don't recall seeing our AUX heating turn on at all since the work was completed. (It hasn't been below zero again, but it usually would turn on even below 30 outside, and we have our thermostat set to 68!). They will be coming out to insulate our cantilever this spring and I look forward to enjoying a well-insulated and less-drafty house!

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