August 3, 2016

August is always hot and homeowner’s focus on the attic to relieve comfort issues. But what is happening in the wet musty crawl space under the house? Moist air, dust, mold, dirt, pollen, and allergens are being pulled into the house through a ripped, torn, or poorly laid vapor barrier. Even a good dehumidifier struggles to keep up with the moisture. The solution is a vapor barrier that is sealed to the walls. I’m not talking about a piece of painter’s plastic sold by the big box stores; I mean a 12 mil thick piece of material that is reinforced with a cord woven between layers and is treated with an antibacterial solution. This is a very durable piece of material. The vapor barrier is then sealed and anchored to the wall with furring strips. I always say that “the kids can play in the crawl when we are done.” The crawl is now clean, bright, and sanitary. My kid’s homes have vapor barriers installed but they don’t play in theirs nor do their kids. So while you can play in them, you probably never will. Use the space for all the things you can’t bring yourself to get rid of. Crawl spaces are the best place for your possessions to “appreciate” in value!