July 25, 2016

Hey Energy Dogg, we just got married and purchased a new house. The home inspector said that the attic insulation was fine and not to worry about it. My mother in law says we need to add double the insulation that is currently there. I told her as politely as possible that the home inspector was a professional and for her to mind her own business. That is the correct response right? Or did I start out on the wrong foot with my mother in law? Bob M Bob, the relationship was bound to go south at some point anyway so you just hurried it along. You did however miss your one chance to agree with her which you may never have again. When buying a new home always include an Energy Auditor’s evaluation as well. We could have explained that “fine” means that insulation is grandfathered in when buying a new home so if the code was 3 inches when the house was built then you are not in violation now. The Department of Energy currently recommends for our area R-49 to R-60. We also would have mentioned that some Mortgage companies would allow you to add energy improvement costs to your mortgage above the appraised price.