Central Ohio Home Energy Audits Rise as Temperature Drops

COLUMBUS — Central Ohio homeowners have found that investing in heat-saving projects could save money in the long run.

One woman said she spent about $2,000 on such changes — a cost experts said would be paid off in two years when considering how much money she will save in utility bills.

Energy Auditor Thomas Greene shared several cost-saving suggestions, including adding more insulation. He recommended 17 inches of insulation after servicing one condo that had only three inches. Greene said the resident will immediately feel the difference. “She will notice instant comfort,” he said. “She’s been living here X number of years, always been cold. We love coming into a situation like this because we become the heroes.”

Gaps near windows can also be an energy drain, but Greene said homeowners could spare themselves the expense of replacing the windows. Instead, he suggested using clear caulk. For more tips about saving energy — and money — at home, click here